Welcome to Sunrise!


Community: Bringing people together


Food: Connecting people to good food


Growth: Cultivating skills, knowledge and social change


Sunrise Project is a community-driven organization that provides space and opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds to create social change, learn from one another, build skills, make new connections and have fun!


There are many ways to become involved. We invite you to join us for a meal, volunteer with us in the garden, teach a workshop, help with a youth cooking class and so much more.  All are welcome! 

Upcoming Events

Activate Your Voice: Youth Lead
1501 Learnard Ave
Community Meal: Bahn Mi!
1501 Learnard Ave
Pruning Workshop
Lawrence Community Orchard
Community Meal: Enchiladas
1501 Learnard Ave
Dig In! International Community Meal + Gardening!
1501 Learnard Ave

Sunrise In Action!

1501 Learnard, Lawrence KS 66044  
(785) 865-1618
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