Sunrise Community Garden

A key theme heard through our outreach to the community was that people want to have access to garden produce. However, folks experience many barriers to having a personal garden including time, space, knowledge and skills. In order to address that community need, Sunrise was co-sponsored by Wakarusa group of the Sierra Club to create Sunrise Community Garden. In 2019, we launched our accessible beds which are now part of Sunrise Community Garden. Four wheelchair and sitter-friendly beds were funded by Sprouts Community Foundation so that people of all physical abilities and disabilities can access, work in and harvest from Sunrise Community Garden.


The garden is maintained with the help of many volunteers, as well as Sunrise staff, and utilized by anyone in the community. Instead of having separate plots that people can rent, the whole garden is open to the public for free!  Come by anytime spring-fall, dawn to dusk and take what you can use! 1501 Learnard Ave., just north of the greenhouses along 15th street.