Activate Your Voice

Sunrise Project takes an equity approach to designing projects and also informing local policy. Rather than deciding as staff what we think is best for the community, we reach out and listen to people of all backgrounds and ages and work with the community to design solutions that are truly meaningful and created by those most impacted.


Activate Your Voice is a "for the people, by the people" leadership and civic engagement program that connects people of diverse backgrounds to opportunities to learn and experiment with community leadership, nurture passion for social change and work in partnership with others to create a more equitable community.


We prioritize community members that are traditionally marginalized and underrepresented in leadership. Sessions are guided by community members and incorporate Kansas Leadership principles, skilled facilitation, and opportunities to work with Sunrise staff and Activate Your Voice graduates to become more civically engaged. This can look like: Attending a city commission or local school board meeting together, meeting with the city manager or assisting with a community forum at Sunrise Project.