The Sunrise Project aims to build community and social justice through the vehicles of food and the environment.

We believe that everyone should have access to nutritious, local foods and a safe, healthy environment. We want you at the table because everyone's voice matters, and all people have something valuable to contribute.

The Sunrise Project was initiated by a group of citizens who recognized a need to address the intersection of food, the environment and social justice. While there are many small groups that address food security and environmental sustainability, our community lacks an organization that brings those groups together to create more social equity.

The Sunrise Project aims to address this community need by developing a new umbrella organization. It will create opportunities for citizens working on food security, justice and environmental projects to share resources, ideas, physical space and human capital in order to be more efficient and impactful. By creating a new model of education and engagement that incorporates justice and honors the community’s strengths, youth and other overlooked community members will have the opportunity to learn and share skills and knowledge related to food and the environment.