Sunrise Project Connects Youth to Their Passion


Post written by Luna Stephens, Sunrise Project Youth Journalist

Animal-loving youth got the chance to get an inside look at the Humane Society July 11 through 16 through Sunrise Project's Summer of Service Program.

“We’ve been doing stuff with animals, washing dishes, laundry, making the dogs treats, taking out their bowls…” Alivia Savage said. 

The hands on work with both cats and dogs seemed to be the youth’s favorite part out of the variety of activities.  

“I really like to help with the dogs and the cats, “It feels good,” Oscar Schmidt said. 

Some youth even got to watch and assist with some surgeries, and all got to learn a bit of knowledge in dog training, so it was definitely a learning experience. Some of the youth were familiar with the shelter while some were not, but all know a lot more about it after this week.
“I like animals and I’ve never really been to many animal shelters,” Lucy Schmidt said. “It seems like they treat their animals pretty well here.”

This week was a very good representation of how Summer of Service connects youth to volunteering environments that fit with their interests, the Humane Society being a very specialized one.

Some of the youth hadn’t done much volunteering before, some had, but either way it was an experience that showed them just how fun helping out can be.

“It’s a chance to spend time with animals and make their lives a little better,” Lucy said.