Q: When will you move into the Sunrise Garden Center site?

A: We are getting close! We can't give an exact date, but renovations are in progress and we hope to move in summer, 2017. 

Q: What does my donation go toward?

A: Your donation will go either toward renovating the site, or toward operating costs including overhead costs, training/classes, promotion/outreach, technical assistance, materials/equipment, etc.

Q: How are you different from other organizations in Lawrence (i.e. Just Food, Boys and Girls Club, K-State Extension, Growing Food Growing Health, Food Policy Council, etc.)?

A: Although some programming will be similar to other organizations, our goal is to focus on collaboration and work together with those organizations to ensure more impactful results. We also offer an innovative type of programming that is driven by the community and for the community. We will implement a shared learning model that honors the community’s strengths and offers youth and others a way to take ownership of the programs. The key to our innovation is social justice: we want to make sure all voices are heard and included in every aspect of operations. And we value the important work of other community organizations. 

Q: How can I help?

A: You can help in many ways!

  • Contribute financially by clicking the donate button on the Home page.
  • Volunteer at one of our fundraising events, Healthy Sprouts cooking classes, Food Rocket club at New York or Cordley Elementary Schools or Lawrence Fruit Tree work days (go to our Take Action page).
  • We'd love it if you came up with your own fundraising effort for the Sunrise Project! Several first-graders recently set up a lemonade stand and raised $78 for the organization and another supported gathered $250 of donations at a dinner party. If you are interested in doing something similar, contact us for talking points and anything else you might need! info@sunriseprojectks.org