Who we are

The Sunrise Project is made up of many community members from diverse backgrounds and experiences. We are farmers, academics, nonprofit leaders, neighbors, members of the faith community, activists, youth and more. We have both a Board of Directors and an Advisory Committee. If you are interested in serving on the Board or joining the Advisory Committee to share your ideas and take part in strategic planning, contact us for more information. 

Our Plan

The Sunrise Project was initiated by a group of citizens who recognized a need to address the intersection of food, the environment and social justice. While there are many small groups that address food security and environmental sustainability, our community lacks an organization that brings those groups together to create more social equity. For example, while hungry people may have access to a food bank, the root cause of their situation currently remains unaddressed. Similarly, while many schools now have school gardens, youth are not empowered to initiate their own creative solutions to the issues of health disparities, inaccessibility of healthy food or the unsustainable industrial food system. 

The Sunrise Project aims to address these community needs by developing a new umbrella organization. It will create opportunities for citizens working on food security, justice and environmental projects to share resources, ideas, physical space and human capital in order to be more efficient and impactful. By creating a new model of education and engagement that incorporates justice and honors the community’s strengths, youth and other overlooked community members will be able to learn and share skills related to food and the environment.

Pilot projects will include the already successful Lawrence Fruit Tree Project and Healthy Sprouts farm to preschool program. Sunrise will also work closely with other agencies to implement Summer of Service youth volunteer projects, workshops on sustainable living, food preparation, gardening, social justice, leadership skills and more.

Our Current Projects

Healthy Sprouts: A farm to preschool program that connects children to healthy food from the start.

Lawrence Fruit Tree Project: provides a community-based solution to a critical and growing need for direct access to healthy food. We work to educate, assist, and inspire the public to grow, steward, and utilize perennial food plants. Our aim is to build community, increase local food security, and create direct, lasting bonds between people and their urban environment.

Summer of Service: food, environment and social justice-oriented service projects for youth ages 12-18.